Active Kidz


Mini Bowling

Active Kidz has an exciting game of 10 pin mini bowling. As a result, it is an easier barrier of entry for kids and adults. An exciting and competitive game that is a scaled down version of the full size. This is a great way to bring the fun and excitement into a space where traditional lanes won’t fit. At the start of each game bowlers decide whether of not they would like to have the automatic bumpers rise for their lanes. Then, players take turns rolling the ball down the lanes in a thrilling 5 frame game. For guests, it delivers all the fun of bowling while keeping it simple. There’s no need to rent shoes or search the center for the right-size ball. Furthermore, it provides a unique experience to share with family and friends and is versatile enough to be challenging for adults and fun for kids. 

Traditional lanes restrict the age range of guests with the ability to play. The balls are smaller and weigh less, no shoes are required for rental, and it is a ton of fun to go head to head with friends and family. 

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